Inspired Explorations Learning Community


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Honouring Children.

Embracing Oneness.

Celebrating Diversity.


Learner Inspired Curriculum.


At IELC we value many forms of learning that arise within our exploratory community. We provide room for learners to discover, question, critically think and grow. We inspire learners to be mindful and conscious creators, innovators, change-makers, and physically literate human beings.

Our methods are influenced by holistic philosophy’s past and present including, but not limited to, Reggio Emilia, Self-Design, SongWorks, Awareness through the Body and Natural Learning Relationships. These methods are learner-centred, emergent, experiential, whole-child developmentally appropriate, and inquiry-based.


Honouring Authenticity

  • We meet children wherever they are along their developmental journey

  • We recognize and value children’s interests and ideas

  • We respect every learner’s learning style, needs, challenges and strengths

  • We celebrate everyone’s right to be diverse and unique

  • We value children’s expression of learning and how they choose to communicate their learning


Embodying Cognition

  • We value the importance of hands-on, sensory-based activities

  • We believe in creating movement-focused activities that build foundational neuropathways for higher, more complex learning

  • We provide children the opportunity to learn about their abilities and limits with regards to their body

  • We intend to engage children in experiences to practice basic movement skills which are the foundation for more complex sports and activities

  • We provide sensory-motor activities which intend to connect the sensory body with fine and gross motor actions


Interconnecting Kinship

  • We believe in providing a supportive community where it is our intention to have everyone feel welcomed, included, heard and celebrated

  • We intend to nurture deep, meaningful relationships between staff and learners, between learner and learner, and between learner and environment (natural and classroom)

  • We connect curricula from all subject areas intending to provide meaningful, relevant and holistic experiences

  • We view children as whole, unfolding individuals that experience the world with their body, mind and soul

Who am I

Reflecting Attentively

  • We intend to engage children in self-reflective experiences involving emotions, sensations and actions

  • We intend to develop self-awareness through mindful movement sequences

  • We provide time for resolving conflicts through self-reflection and reflection of others’ emotions, actions and words

  • We intend to expand consciousness with daily experiences of exploration of self


Purposely Playful

  • We value play as a way to captivate children in meaningful learning

  • We see all learning as playful

  • We notice and listen to what intrigues children and captures their attention

  • We value many forms of play including exploratory, structured, physical,language, creative and pretend

  • We believe that playful learning engages the whole child


Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.


All of us at Inspired Explorations Learning Community believe in providing children with learning experiences that are meaningful, engaging and developmentally appropriate for each individual learner. We incorporate the knowledge of Natural Learning Relationships–whole child development into our daily best practices as educators. Natural Learning Relationships draws upon extensive child development research and brain research, particularly in the field of interpersonal neurobiology. Supported by Natural Learning Relationships students develop their ability to self-reflect.