Why Do We Offer Opportunities for Creative Play in Physical Education?

Do you look at your children, the next generation, as an empowering force for advancement in our world? Creative people introduce new ideas in education, business, sports, science, the arts, and everyday family life!

All physical activity provides our learners an opportunity to discover something new! Because movement is such a basic characteristic of living things, it’s vital that all students have the opportunity to both move to learn and learn to move.

Daily, through creative play, we provide opportunities for our learners to explore and make sense of their physical dimension and its relationship to their own well-being, of their relationships with others, and of their relationships to the world in which they live and move. Creative play promotes the integrated development of learners by enhancing their physical, social-emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.

Creative play includes personal feelings – how students feel about themselves when they move. We encourage our learners to tap into their feelings and senses by engaging in powerful questions about their experiences.  Creative play offers many opportunities for students to learn and develop positive attitudes about movement exploration.

We encourage our families to engage in creative play at home!  Perhaps you’ll incorporate dance, music, or drama into your family’s creative play! We’d love to hear how you incorporate creative play. It’s exciting when our learners share their explorations with their families here at IELC!