The Many Ways Children Speak

How do your children speak to you?  More than likely, the word “speak” evokes thoughts of verbal language.  Of course oral language can be a primary way of speaking.  However, there are numerous ways of expressing self (speaking)!

Inspired Explorations Learning Community incorporates the Reggio Emilia Approach to early childhood education.  This approach focuses on encouraging, supporting, and allowing children to take part in their own learning. In addition, parents, teachers, and children participate together in the child’s education.  Children should be presented with limitless opportunities that allow them to express themselves.

Of course, “language” involves much more than verbal skills.  The Reggio approach to early years education (in reference to "language”) incorporates many ways children discover, communicate, and learn.  This type of learning involves the five senses: sight, smell, hearing,taste, and touch in addition to hands-on-learning.  Expressions of their learning may be through drawing, singing, dancing, other forms of movement, and pretend play. 

“Investigation” is another dynamic of this kind of learning environment. Learners are encouraged to investigate their surroundings, create a hypothesis, and test it.  Children are encouraged to be involved in the process of exploring and evaluating situations. It’s important to recognize the value of the work the learners engage in during this process.

Do you recognize all the ways your children speak to you?  Perhaps you’ll want to ask them how they like to share what they’re learning.  Maybe you’ll want to incorporate new, creative ways of expressing themselves.  As adults, sometimes we’re tempted to engage in what we’ve grown accustomed to.  Yet, each of us is a creative being and maybe our children will inspire us to express ourselves in new ways, too! 


kids paint.jpeg