Fostering Community Connections

We, at Inspired Explorations Learning Community, are discovering the power of community connections as an essential influencer of effective community change. We acknowledge that many families are looking for “more” than what the traditional public school system offers.  We believe the “more” is created through building community. We are inspired by Margaret Wheatley’s (author) words of wisdom, “Whatever the problem, community is the answer.”

Our Community Connections program is a network of our families, learners, staff, and board members.  We are a group committed to giving back time (volunteering) at our school, exploring our unique individual roles and supporting each other within our community, and co-creating positive futures for the children and our growing learning community.

Our community’s well being is the result of an interplay of cultural, economic, social, and environmental factors that is beyond the influence of any one person. We acknowledge the most lasting and creative solutions to enhance community well being depend upon the individuals who are part of our school.  We unite around a common vision, “To create an intergenerational community of lifelong learners who learn together, value each other, and honour each other’s authenticity.”

Each month we host Inspired Families Gatherings which families are encouraged to attend. These provide a space for our community to come together and build deeper connections with each other.  We have added an “outreach” component of our Community Connections.  We want to invite others to learn about Inspired Explorations Learning Community.  We’ve hosted two Café Connections at Scout Coffee.  This is a time when current families, learners, and staff casually come together to share our experiences with newcomers.  These gatherings have been fun and encouraging as new people learn more about our school.  

Our next Café Connection is going to be outdoors!  We will meet at the play-structure at Beauchemin Park at 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 26th.  Feel welcome to invite your friends, families, and networks to learn more about our amazing community!

Cafe Connection Beauchemin 6.png