Do You Listen To Your "Pauses?"

Last week we tried to release our butterflies and they didn’t want to leave!  Perhaps they didn’t like the rain or maybe they needed more practice with their wings.  Could it be they loved us as much as we loved them? 

We thanked them for allowing us to watch them grow into beautiful butterflies and wished them a long and happy life!

This experience causes me to wonder if you listen to your “pauses?”  Just like the butterflies, our bodies, minds, and souls give us messages all the time to listen attentively.  However, our fast paced society encourages us to keep on keeping on.  Inspired Explorations Learning Community encourages each member (learner, parent, support person, staff) to listen, pause, and reflect attentively to what our beings and environments are telling us.

Now that summer break is just around the corner, let’s learn from our butterflies (who eventually did leave).  When you’re engaged in an activity and you have something next on your schedule, pause and reflect to see if it’s truly time to move on.  Ask yourself that question and ask your kids what they’re learning and if they’re ready to finish.  Perhaps you need to allow extra rest one day or go exploring somewhere you’ve never been.  Summer is an opportune time to slow down, listen, pause, and reflect.

Enjoy the BEAUTY that surrounds you and allow the horizon to surface in due time!

Setting butterflies free.jpg