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Do You Listen To Your "Pauses?"

Just like the butterflies, our bodies, minds, and souls give us messages all the time to listen attentively.  However, our fast paced society encourages us to keep on keeping on.  Inspired Explorations Learning Community encourages each member (learner, parent, support person, staff) to listen, pause, and reflect attentively to what our beings and environments are telling us.

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Why Forest School Influences Our Learning Environment

“Forest School Canada is the flagship educational project of the Child and Nature Alliance. We provide evidence-based, practical, and inspiring professional learning opportunities for everyone interested in supporting the healthy development of children through play and learning outside” ( 

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The Many Ways Children Speak

How do your children speak to you?  More than likely, the word “speak” evokes thoughts of verbal language.  Of course oral language can be a primary way of speaking.  However, there are numerous ways of expressing self (speaking)!

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